Heathrow is the busiest international airport

You must have been living down a hole if you weren’t aware of some of the nightmares Heathrow airport has been having over the past year or so.

It might come as a surprise then to hear that the west London mini-city is the world’s busiest international airport.

The World Traffic Report by the Airports Council International (ACI) has revealed that Heathrow is the overall winner in terms of passengers coming through its doors and has clocked up a staggering 62 million passengers in 2007.

Europe is certainly where the most people fly. From the top five airports on the list, four were in Europe and the other was Hong Kong, which came in fifth but with a pretty impressive 46 million passengers a year.

After Heathrow came Paris Charles de Gaulle, then came Amsterdam and then Frankfurt. But these international airport figures differ from those that include domestic flights.

If this were taken into account too, then Heathrow would come second to Chicago O’Hare, which clocked up 76 million passengers in 2007, that is more than the entire population of the UK.

To cope with the demands of 62 million people, Heathrow has its 5th terminal and we all know about that. There have been plans for a third runway too but there is speculation over this as a £30 billion train link from the north to the south of Britain might take precedence.

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