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terminal facilities

There is only one terminal operating at Heathrow airport so why not check out the facilities available?

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Why not compare the currency rates before your board? This way, you’ll get the best rate!

Bars & Restaurant available


Hungry? Well, go ahead and grab a bite to eat before you board your flight. It’ll be a nice way to relax!

Checking in at Heathrow Airport

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Remember, always allow yourself plenty of time to arrive and check-in before you fly! Above is a guide as to how long you should allow before departure for checking in for your flight. Using our flight departures tool above will help you work out if your flight is going to be leaving on time but you still need to be able to work out where exactly the check-in desks are located within the airport.

Where To Go

Check-in desks are clearly signposted at Heathrow by yellow illuminated cubes, displaying the number of the check-in zone. To find out which check-in zone you need, you should look for your flight on the monitors at every entrance. Find out which terminal you need to check-in at.

Terminal 2 Check-in located on the top floor of the building
Terminal 3 Check-in located on the ground floor of the departures building
Terminal 4 Check-in located on the first floor of the building
Terminal 5 Check-in located at the top of the building

Flight compensation

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