Heathrow’s VIP Luxury Service

Travelling via plane can be stressful due to the airport process and time management needed to make your flight on time. This includes getting to the airport, getting through security, locating the correct terminal and gate as well as many other factors.

But recently Heathrow Airport gave travellers a sneak peek of their VIP luxury service that’s traditionally used by celebrities as well as the royal family. The main purpose of the service is to give travellers a more luxurious and stress-free journey from their front door all the way up to boarding the plane. Heathrow Airport themselves have confirmed that almost 100 airport employees are part of this VIP team, with some employees starting as early as 4am in order to reach the holidaymakers in time.

Heathrow’s VIP Luxury Service
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Inside drug smuggling operation at Heathrow foiled thanks to the NCA

Drug smugglers at Heathrow foiled thanks to the NCA

An inside network of drug smugglers at Heathrow have been jailed for more than 130 years following an 18 month investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

The 13-strong group, including two British Airways baggage handlers working at Heathrow Airport, had skilfully imported more than 100kgs of cocaine and 44kgs of cannabis, with a street value of around £10 million. Their operation came to a halt thanks to the work carried out by the NCA in conjunction with Border Force and Heathrow Airport. Continue reading…

Coppa Club igloo has popped up at London Heathrow Airport

Earlier this year the Coppa Club team excitedly announced that their highly sought-after Thameside igloos were making a return to London. As soon as this was revealed, tickets sold out within a matter of seconds… BUT if you missed out on a chance to take part in this, don’t worry, they are now making an appearance at Heathrow Airport. Continue reading…

Top 10 Christmas Things to Do around Heathrow Airport

Our Top 10 Best Christmas Things to Do nearby and around Heathrow Airport header

Ready or not, it’s time to bring out those advent calendars, dust off the decorations from last year and order your Christmas Turkey… yep, December has landed! So what is there to do near Heathrow Airport this Christmas?

2017 has sped past us and now we’re all looking for places to visit and where to buy our Christmas prezzies. Whether you’re travelling into the UK or have an afternoon to pass before you board at Heathrow Airport, we’ve found the best places to get you feeling festive.

Let’s take a look at our Top 10 festive things to do and visit near Heathrow Airport:

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Heathrow Terminal 1 Auction to be held

Following its closure in 2015, Heathrow will be auctioning off the entire contents of the Terminal 1 building to make way for its planned demolition.

With everything from full body scanners and baggage carousels to airport signage, artwork and lounge seating, Aviation professionals and enthusiasts alike will have the chance to bid on and purchase over 300 lots of Terminal 1 memorabilia. Continue reading…