Handy Tips for a First Time Flyer

Not sure what to expect from your journey through the airport? Are you a nervous first time flyer or know someone who is? Don’t worry!

Thanks to our friends at Airport Parking Shop, we have plenty of tips to help put you at ease.

Louis Vuitton Hand luggage at the airport

Our Favourite has got to be this; Always know your hand luggage restrictions! There are certain items that are strictly prohibited, such as blades and flammables, whilst others, such as liquids can only be carried in certain quantities.

Here’s our Handy Checklist on Heathrow Airport Guide to help you plan your journey and what can (and cannot) go in your hand luggage or in the hold.

If you’re looking to know more… Head over to their blog, Tips for First Time Flyers for more great tips on all you need to know from leaving your house, to arriving at your destination!

5 Responses to “Handy Tips for a First Time Flyer”

  1. jennifer bennett

    Iv not flown for over 5 years and so many changes Im so confused!! Im flying BA our of LHR so going to try and checkin on line 24hrs before if I can manage this do I just look for a BA stand with my flight number on at airport?? then they guide me through to security then I head for departures???

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Yes, if you don’t manage to check in online, look out for a check in desk with your flight number. There are signposts throughout the terminal to direct you to security and then onto to departures. All of the gates are signposted, too.

      Good Luck and have a safe flight!

    • Hi Veronica,

      If you have luggage going into the hold ( a large suitcase) you will drop this off when you check in, before you head through security, so it should be one of the first things you do. If you are just taking hand luggage, this must remain with you at all times, throughout your journey through the airport.

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