Coppa Club igloo has popped up at London Heathrow Airport

Earlier this year the Coppa Club team excitedly announced that their highly sought-after Thameside igloos were making a return to London. As soon as this was revealed, tickets sold out within a matter of seconds… BUT if you missed out on a chance to take part in this, don’t worry, they are now making an appearance at Heathrow Airport.

Titled as one of the UK’s ‘most exclusive pop-ups”, the Virgin Atlantic collaboration will stand proudly in the Terminal 3 Clubhouse from now up until January 14th 2018. The facilities are everything you need to get yourself in the Christmas spirit, kitted out with with luxurious rugs, faux fur, candles, the lot! The Igloo can seat up to 8 people, offering endless selfie opportunities, and yes, it’s heated!

Anyone who visits the igloos will have the opportunity to purchase cocktails and ‘grammable food courtesy of the high quality Virgin Atlantic menu. And while you may not get the same shimmering views that their Tower Bridge counterpart has on offer, we are sure that the Christmas views of Heathrow Airport’s runway will make waiting for your flight that much more exciting.

Daniel Kerzner, vice president for customer experience at Virgin Atlantic, said: “Once again we have shown what sets Virgin Atlantic apart. This winter we’re bringing the UK’s most in-demand pop-up direct to our customers by introducing an igloo on the roof of our Heathrow Clubhouse.”
“This is the first of many experiences we will be launching on the ground and in the air throughout 2018.”

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