BAA chairman: Heathrow a ‘second-tier airport’

Heathrow airport always seems to be in the news lately!

Much of the recent news comes down to the dispute over the highly contentious third runway that has been rejected by the government.

Now the chairman of BAA, Sir Nigel Rudd, has added his two cents worth by saying that the Conservative Party’s policy on the airport to refuse a third runway will see Heathrow become a “second-tier airport” in the future.

There is no room for ambiguity with this description, and Sir Nigel Rudd added that London will become “less competitive” as a result of the decision to keep Heathrow operating with just two runways.

The remarks were made in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, where he said that the decision of the government “is sadly based on small-town politics of the ballot box rather than strategic needs of the nation".

Rudd is just starting his second term as the chairman of BAA, and clearly his comments have been designed to create an impact as he kicks off his second three-year stint.

He is absolutely adamant that Heathrow needs to expand, claiming that the UK as a whole will receive fewer international passengers as a result of the decision whilst other international airports in Europe continue to expand.

The proposed third runway at Heathrow divided the nation with fierce opponents and equally fierce supporters fighting it out on both sides.

The opponents claim that with the government taking global warming seriously it cannot possibly expand airports like Heathrow because this is not going to do the environment any favours.

Although the decision has been made, it seems that this is an argument that is going to be around for a long time to come.

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