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Communication Facilities

Find out which communication facilities are available for public use in each terminal, whether it be internet, phone or post facilities.

Wi-Fi is available throughout Heathrow terminals, and it is free for the first 45 minutes. If you are a member of the Heathrow Rewards loyalty programme, you can enjoy another 45 minutes free. You can then pay for more time.

Keep an eye out for Power Poles located around the terminals - these have sockets and USB ports in order to charge your mobile devices.

Terminal 2

Internet Internet: Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the terminal. There are internet facilities available for use in the Departure Lounge on Level 5 in the seating areas alongside the Information Points, located to the left and to the right as you exit from security. They are also available in Terminal 2B, in the seating areas near Gates B44 and B46. In the public area of Arrivals on Level 1, they can be found opposite Boots, and opposite the airline lounges.

phone and fax Phone: Available close to the entrances into Check-in on Level 5, and in Terminal 2B. They can be found near Customs in Baggage reclaim and found in Arrivals towards the UK and Ireland Arrivals side.

heathrow mail Postal Facilities: There is a post box found on Level 5 Check-in near the Excess Baggage Company, as well as one on Level 5 Departures near the escalators and stairs near WHSmith.

Terminal 3

Internet Internet: Free WiFi is available throughout the terminal. There are internet facilities in two of the bigger seating areas in the Level 1 Departures Lounge, as well as near the cash point in Arrivals, opposite the seating area.

phone and fax Phone: Located near the entrances to Ground Level Check-in, and throughout Level 1 Check-in. In the Level 1 Departure Lounge they are mostly located in or near the seating areas. There are phones throughout Baggage Reclaim and Arrivals. Facilities for the hard of hearing are located in the public area of the arrivals concourse.

heathrow mail Postal Facilities: The Airport's Post Office is located near the entrance to security on Level 1 Check-in. It is open between the hours of 09:00 and 17:30 Monday to Saturday, and open on Sundays 09:00 until 13:00. There is also a post box near the cash point in Arrivals, opposite the seating area.

Terminal 4

InternetInternet: Free WiFi is available throughout the terminal, with Internet facilities on the Mezzanine level of Check-in. In the Departure Lounge Internet facilities can be found near the seating areas, the first near security and the second near Gate 21. In Arrivals they are near the escalators for the Underground, and opposite WHSmith.

phone and faxPhone: There are phones throughout Check-in on Level 2 and the mezzanine. They are available at either end of the Departure Lounge on Level 2, and throughout the arrivals and baggage claim areas.

heathrow mail Postal Facilities: A post box is located near Travelex in the Departure Lounge, on the right hand side as you come out of security.

Terminal 5

Internet Internet

Internet: Free WiFi is available throughout the terminal. There are a number of internet kiosks located throughout Terminal 5:

The kiosk service is operated by Spectrum Interactive Ltd. and payments for internet use can be made using pound sterling or euro. You can also plug in your own laptop into designated areas using a network cable, to get wired internet access.

phone and fax

Phone: Terminal 5 is well-supplied for telephones and you should find plenty throughout Departures and Arrivals. There are also wheelchair-accessible phones available, as well as text phones for the hard of hearing.

There are no fax facilities available to passengers in Terminal 5, although British Airways lounges may have fax machines available. See the British Airways website for further details.

heathrow mail

Post Facilities: There are three post boxes, all located before you go through security.