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Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Heathrow Terminal 5 is the newest of Heathrow's terminals. It was opened in 2008 at a cost of £4 billion, and its five floors are large enough to hold 50 football pitches. It is used exclusively by British Airways and Iberia, and provides a huge range of facilities for travellers, including restaurants, shops, hotels, car hire services, business services, parking and bureaux de change facilities.

The design of the new terminal began in 1989, but government planning permission was only granted in November 2001. The terminal was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on the 14th March 2008 and was open to passengers on the 27th March 2008. In 2013 29.8 million passengers flew from Terminal 5.

In the following sections we have listed some of the facilities that are available at Heathrow Terminal 5. Please use the links below to find out about the services at this terminal. If you find some of the information below is incorrect, or you need further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at support@heathrow-airport-guide.co.uk

Facilities at Heathrow Terminal 5

Hotels at Terminal 5

There are many hotels located next to the terminals at Heathrow Airport, as well as in the surrounding area, making it easy to stay overnight before flying or to book a room when you arrive. From Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, the nearest hotel is the Sofitel London Heathrow, to which you can walk in a few minutes. This is a luxury hotel containing over 600 rooms and two restaurants.

Other hotels located near the airport that you can travel to include Hilton Heathrow, Premier Inn Heathrow and Sheraton Heathrow.

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Car Hire at Heathrow T5

Three car hire companies have offices at Terminal 5 Heathrow: Avis, Budget and Sixt. Avis is located on level 4. Exit arrivals and turn right, then walk towards the Underground station. Go past the Underground, through the double doors and take the lift to level 4, and you will find the office on the right.

Avis has formed an exclusive partnership with British Airways, and when you choose to use Avis for your car hire needs, you may be able to build up your Avis points. You may also be able to make savings when booking your hire car along with your hotel and flights through British Airways.

Budget is also located on Level 4 and offers car hire services for new arrivals. Other car hire companies operate throughout Heathrow at other terminals, so these are also options when you arrive following your flight.

To see a complete list of car hire companies at or near Heathrow Airport visit our Heathrow Airport car hire section.

Alongside Avis and Budget, Sixt also have an office located at Heathrow Terminal 5. From T5 arrivals, Sixt car hire office can be found just a five minute walk away inside of the Sofitel Hotel. Passengers arriving can be on their way in no time, without any need for a shuttle bus and of course no extra charge. The same services that can be found at their other Heathrow stations can also be found at their T5 location.

Branch info

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Heathrow Parking Terminal 5

There are many options for parking at Heathrow Terminal 5. There is one long stay car park at Terminal 5, which is open all year round. It is located on Northern Perimeter Road, and there is a five-minute courtesy coach service running every 10 minutes.

Terminal 5 parking also consists of a short stay car park, which is located right next to the terminal and is ideal if you are parking for up to a few hours. There is a height limit at the car park of 2.2 metres. However, there is an Overheight Vehicles entrance on the ground floor.

Heathrow Business Car Parks are located closer than the long stay car parks, and one of these is available exclusively for passengers travelling through Terminal 5. There is also a meet & greet service and valet parking at Terminal 5.

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Airlines flying from Terminal 5

Terminal 5 is British Airways main base at Heathrow, with the majority of their flights departing from Terminal 5, however due to capacity restrictions, some short and mid haul British Airways flights depart from Terminal 3. Iberia also started to operate from the terminal in 2012.

Baggage Enquiries

You can leave excess baggage at Terminal 5 if you have too much to take on the plane. This service is operated by the Excess Baggage Company, which you will find on the ground floor at the UK arrivals end.

There is a lost property office in Terminal 5 in the arrivals hall close to the UK arrivals. If your baggage gets lost during your flight, you should make sure you inform your airline straight away. You can inform British Airways at the arrivals desk in the baggage reclaim area. You will then be asked to complete a report and provide them with your telephone number and a reference number to assist them in finding your bag.

If you lose an item of property at the airport, lost property is operated by Bagport, which has an office in the terminal that is open every day. You can also visit the website at missingx.com to search the database and claim your lost property online.

Cash Facilities

ATMs are located throughout London Heathrow Terminal 5, both before and after passport control. They accept most cards from UK banks, as well as international credit cards.


A number of Bureaux de Change offices are located throughout the terminal belonging to both Moneycorp and Travelex. Moneycorp provides over 80 currencies, and recommends reserving your currency online for the best rates. It has one office before security, two after security, one in arrivals and one in the baggage reclaim hall. The offices are open from 5.30 until the last departing flight.

Travelex also provides over 80 currencies as well as prepaid cards and travel insurance. It has one office before security, one after security, one in arrivals and one in the baggage reclaim hall. The offices are open from 5.00 until 22.00 or midnight.

Airport Information Points

Passenger ambassadors are present throughout Terminal 5. They wear a purple uniform, and you will find them walking around the terminal in arrivals and departures. They can assist you with directions, information on flights and can even arrange for assistance in other languages.

There is also an Information Zone, which is located on the ground floor near the UK arrivals. Here you can find leaflets, maps and help screens.

After security in Terminal 5

Medical Help

Emergency phones are located throughout Terminal 5. If there is a medical emergency, use one of these phones to call 222, and the operator will arrange to send an ambulance or medical help to your location immediately.

Boots pharmacies are located throughout Terminal 5, both before and after passport control. If you need to pick up a prescription, these are available at the Boots pharmacies before security in Terminal 5. Call ahead on +44 (0)20 8897 2629 to check if your medication is available.

Communication Facilities

Internet kiosks are located throughout the terminal in 5B. Before security, there is one at Caffe Nero and one at Lovejuice. There are also three after security: two in the main squares and one in Bagel Street. At the Internet kiosks you can use the computers or plug in your laptop for a wired internet connection.

Wi-Fi is accessible throughout Terminal 5. Wi-Fi is free for the first 45 minutes, and if you are a member of the Heathrow Rewards loyalty programme, you can enjoy another 45 minutes free. You can then pay for more time.

Pay phones are located throughout Terminal 5, and you can use either cash or cards with these. There are also phones for wheelchair users, and text phones for the hard of hearing.

There are no fax services available in Heathrow Terminal 5, but you may be able to find one in a British Airways lounge.

There are a few post boxes located in Terminal 5. One of these is located before security next to American Express, and one is located after security. Be aware that post may be inspected by HM Customs, and you are unable to send parcels. There are also a few stamp machines, and you can buy stamps from the WH Smith shops as well.

The nearest Post Office is in Terminal 3 in the departures building before security, and it is open every day.

If you need to charge your mobile phone, laptop or tablet, there are Free Power Poles located before and after passport control. You can plug your devices into these using either a plug or a USB charger.

Toilets, Showers and Baby Changing

There are five blocks of toilets located in the departures concourse, including three before security and two after security. The blocks located after security are next to Add+ and Huxleys.

In Arrivals, there are four toilet blocks on the concourse, including two in the baggage reclaim zone, one in the seating area and one near M&S Simply Food. In Terminal 5B, there are two toilet blocks, one at each end of the building.

Baby changing facilities are located throughout the terminal next to most toilet blocks. Simply follow the symbol to reach the nearest facility.

There are no showers in Heathrow T5. The nearest showers are located in the No.1 Traveller Lounge in Terminal 3 after security. However, some showers are available in British Airways lounges.

Trolleys and Porter Services

Trolleys are located throughout the terminal and in the baggage reclaim area. They are free to use, and you can use them to take your luggage to your car or the rail and bus stations.

The porter service charges £9 for the standard service. You can find them in the baggage reclaim and on the forecourts, they will escort you to check-in or to your vehicle. Find out more by calling +44 (0)20 8745 6011.

Relaxation and Leisure Facilities

At the T5 Gallery you can find paintings and sculptures on display. It is one of the first of its kind in an international airport, and you can browse the collection, relax and even purchase art if you wish. It is open every day from 07.00 until 20.00.

The Be Relax Spa in Terminal 5B after security provides a number of beauty and well-being treatments including massages, manicures and oxygen therapy. You can call them on 020 8283 6387.

Seating is located throughout airport, and views of the runways are available from many areas.

There are plenty of duty-free shops after security, where you can buy anything from souvenirs to designer goods.

Worship facilities are provided for various faiths. Chaplains are available for Catholic, Anglican and Free Church members, as well as representatives from various faiths. Call +44 (0)20 8745 4261 or email chapel@heathrow.com before your trip for more information.

Prayer rooms are also available for people of any faiths. One is located in Departure Zone A, one is located after security in Terminal 5A near Gate A8, one is in Terminal 5B near Gate B34, and one is in Terminal 5C near Gate C52. They are open all day.

There are many restaurants in Terminal 5 which you can find by heading over to our Heathrow restaurants page.

Business Facilities

The Terminal 5 Business Car Park is located closer to Terminal 5 than the long stay car park, providing a more convenient option for business travellers. They can then take the Heathrow Pod from the car park to reach the terminal. A valet service also operates at Terminal 5. There are also a number of business lounges located after security, which are operated by the airlines.

Family Facilities

There is a Family Lounge in Terminal 3, which includes play areas, but this is not available in Terminal 5. However, Terminal 5 does have a play area called Stay and Play. This can be found in the Terminal 5A departure lounge near Gate A7, and is suitable for children up to the age of nine. It is open every day from 6.00 until 21.00.

Many restaurants in Terminal 5 are child-friendly and can provide high chairs and children's menus. We recommend you find one in advance to save time before the departure of your flight.

Disabled Passengers

Disabled parking is available in the short stay car park at Terminal 5. The areas are located near the entrance to the terminal and are clearly signposted. Help points are located close by to the disabled parking areas. These have a green telephone, which you can use to ask for free assistance.

Disabled parking is also available in the long stay and business car parks. Contact your car park in advance to arrange your transfer to the terminal. There is also a special assistance bus that provides free transfers between the terminals.

Help points are located in the forecourts in the terminal, both in the short stay car park and in the baggage reclaim hall. Special assistance is available in the terminal for the partially sighted, blind and hard of hearing. There are also text pay phones in the arrivals area after customs, as well as pay phones adapted for hearing aids.

Reserved seating is provided in the terminal, so look for the signs to direct you to the right area. These are located within the general seating areas and provide flight information screens at a low level, an induction loop and extra space for wheelchairs.

Disabled toilets are also available before security and after and are located alongside most toilet blocks.