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Living Near Heathrow Airport

Located to the West of the capital, the Heathrow area has always been a hub of activity ever since the airport's Terminal 1 started life as an army surplus tent just a short walk from the aircraft.

The development of the airport and its expanding terminals has had various effects on the surrounding areas. Since Heathrow first opened, a huge amount of employment opportunities have arisen and continue to arise with the opening of Terminal 5 and the redevelopment of Terminal 2 bringing thousands of new jobs across Heathrow. This is bound to benefit people living near Heathrow area and perhaps encourage people to move to the area.

On the other hand, development at Heathrow may be frowned upon by current residents because of the detrimental effects that some say it may have on the area. An increase in air traffic is inevitable, which will bring more pollution and noise to the area. In 2013, Heathrow handled over 72 million passengers, and this is set to increase hugely now the redeveloped Terminal 2 has been opened.

How are property prices in the Heathrow area being affected by the airport and its continual development? For regular travellers, living close-by may be a desirable option but the detrimental effects may bring prices down. If you currently live close to the airport or are considering a move to the area, then you may be interested in looking at Heathrow house prices on OurProperty.co.uk.

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