Foreign Currency Cards

These new foreign currency cards are being rapidly adopted by many foreign currency exchange providers and their customers due to their ease of use, and the great rates that you can get by ordering them online. They work in much the same way as a debit card does, load them via a bank transfer or on the phone and spend using Chip and Pin technology.

Currency Card Benefits

Best online exchange rates

Convenient to use and carry

Secure and safer than cash

Lower fees than most credit & debit cards

Fixed rate upon loading card

Currency Card Drawbacks

No section 75 purchase protection

Cheapest cards need to be ordered in advance

Some have cash withdrawal & currency convert fees

To get the most from your money be sure to order your card online and dodge those hefty fees added to purchases made at the airport. Either have your currency card delivered to your home the next day or choose from our cards available for pick up at Heathrow Airport.

Foreign Currency Cards – Home Delivery

These cards have come out on top for exchange rates compared, fees charged (against other cards and other forms of foreign currency exchange) meaning that you will pay much less by loading money onto one straight from your bank account than you will by using a credit or debit card or by changing cash at a bureau de change. However, these cards are only suitable for those who have time to order the card for home delivery. The cards will usually be ready to use within 7-14 days.
  • Get a free Travelex card
  • Free access to your cash
  • Lock in exchange rates
  • Prepay in 10 different currencies
  • 24/7 assistance
Travelex are one of the world’s leading providers of foreign exchange across 30 countries, with more than 1,200 stores both on and off airport.
Their new Money Card allows you to take cash abroad, safe in the knowledge your money is as secure as it would be on a debit or credit card. Simply pre-load it with any of the 10 available currencies and you’re good to go. The Money Cards are perfect for those not wanting to carry cash on them whilst away. You will also benefit from 24 hour assistance should you need it as well as access to local wi-fi without the roaming fees. Alongside their card, they offer great rates on cash exchange, home delivery or collection options on purchased foreign currency and a handy currency converter!
Fair FX Currency Card
  • Get a free Fair FX card
  • 0% currency convert fee
  • 0% transaction fee ($ & € cards)
  • SMS top up / balance enquiry
  • Protection for your money
Fair FX offer 0% on most fees apart from the cash withdrawal fee which is the lowest of any currency card and lower than most credit and debit cards too. They offer a choice of either a EURO, US Dollar or Anywhere card. If you know what currency you need or use most you are much better off getting that specific card (€ or $).
However, even with the anywhere card, the fees are relatively low compared to others. You normally have to pay £9.95 for the purchase of the card but Airport Guide visitors can get a Fair FX card for free. Fair FX cards are only available for home delivery so you will need to make sure that you leave enough time before your holiday to apply for one of these cards. You should have your card delivered the next day and ready to use within 7-10 days!
Moneycorp Cash Card
Moneycorp have a great currency card offering either Euros or US Dollars at excellent rates, and with very competitive fees.
They have a 0% currency convert fee, so you won’t pay anything for using your card in a different currency to the one you loaded. Free cash withdrawals are a great perk for this card. The card is free, and has a minimum top up of just £25 so you can start low and use the card to save for your holiday!