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Information and meeting points at Heathrow

Information desks are located throughout the airport. Find out the location of information points below to avoid getting lost in the large terminals:

Information Points

Terminal 2

In Level 5 Check-in, there are information points to the sides of both of the Entrances. In Level 5 Departures, there are information points to the left and to the right as you exit from Security. The information point on Level 4 Departures is found on the route to Plaza Premium Lounge. A Help Point is available in Terminal 2B.

An Airport Information desk is available in Arrivals near the International Arrivals entrance. A Help Point is located near the UK and Ireland Arrivals, as well as near Carousel 1 in Baggage Reclaim.

Terminal 3There are three information points on Check-in Level 1 (departures level) and four throughout the Level 1 Departures Lounge. There is a Help Point located in the Baggage Reclaim.
Terminal 4There are six information points spread along the Departure Lounge Concourse. There is a Help Point in Baggage Reclaim and an information point near the Chauffeur Services in Arrivals.
Terminal 5The information zone is in the Arrivals area of Terminal 5, on the ground floor. Passengers arriving at the terminal should turn right when reaching the Arrivals area to find the information zone, at the north end of the building. Here you will find computer help terminals to provide advice, directions and travel information. There are also two information points in Terminal 5B, one in 5C, and three in Departures. There are also members of airport staff at hand to offer further advice if needed. Help points for passengers have also been installed in key locations around Terminal 5.

Customer Hosts: Customer hosts are on duty throughout Terminal 5, both before and after security. They are friendly and will be able to answer your questions. Each customer host has been issued with a handheld computer, which gives them easy access to information that will be of good use to the passengers.

Meeting Points

There are meeting points in the arrivals areas of Terminals 1-4. They can be found in the locations listed below for each terminal.

Here is the standard symbol that is used throughout the airport at all terminals:

meeting point logo

Meeting Points

Terminal 2There is are meeting points located in Level 5 Check-In, located to the sides of both of the Entrances. In Level 1 Arrivals, the meeting point is located near the central seating area, opposite International Arrivals.
Terminal 3The meeting point is located in the Arrivals on the Ground Floor - near the seating area next to the Tourist Services.
Terminal 4The meeting point is located in Arrivals, by the seating area opposite WHSmith.
Terminal 5The bridges and supporting pillars in the arrivals concourse of Terminal 5 are colour-coded. From north to south, the pillars are purple, blue, green, orange, and red. This will help you arrange an appropriate meeting place at the airport. There is an official meeting point in Arrival, opposite Travelex and Tourist Services.

Smoking areas at Heathrow

no smoking

In line with the British law that bans smoking in enclosed public spaces, smoking is not permitted in any of the terminal buildings at Heathrow. There are designated smoking areas available outside the terminal buildings. However, once you have passed through security control, there is nowhere to smoke in the departure lounges. If you are catching a connecting flight at Heathrow airport, you will need to pass through passport control in order to enter the UK and access the outdoor smoking areas. This will mean going through security control to return to the departure lounge.

Use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) is permitted on the premises but not beyond the gate area. For more information read this Travelling with e-cigarettes through UK airports guide.