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Holiday Taxis and International Transport

Don't allow yourself to get caught out by inflated prices, less choice and no guarantee of transport when you land at your holiday destination. Booking early will ensure that you can search around in the comfort of your own home for a safe, reliable and competitive transfer to your hotel, resort or final destination abroad. Put simply...savvy travellers book early!

Worldwide Airport Transfers

About ResortHoppa:

ResortHoppa.com is the leading provider for worldwide airport transfers. They offer great value for money transfers from resorts all around the world, operating in over 70 countries from more than 450 gateways.

Services Offered:

ResortHoppa offer a variety of transfer options, meeting the demands for both individual and group needs. Shuttle services are a shared transport solution that operates in popular holiday destinations between the airport and the local tourist accommodation locations.

A private transfer service would be specific to the individual requirements of each customer. There is a wide range of vehicles available; saloon cars, minibuses, coaches and even limousines or water taxis would be available from some locations.

Popular Transfer Destinations:

Holiday Taxis

Holiday Taxis

Tel:+44 (0) 1273 828 200

Tel:+44 (0) 8444 722 020

E-mail: admin@holidaytaxis.com

Holiday Taxis are the pioneers of the pre-booked overseas transfers. We were set up in 2002 in order to meet the increasing demand for quick, effective and affordable transfers from overseas Airports. Since first operating exclusively in the mediterranean, we now arrange transfers in over 120 countries worldwide and have safely transported millions of customers since then.

  • Great Value Transfers
  • Award Winning, Worldwide Service
  • Over 11,000 Cities/Resorts, 120 Countries
  • Choice of Vehicles; Taxis, Minibuses, Coaches, Water Taxi and even Helicopter.
  • 24/7 Emergency Cover.

Global Transfer Services

Tel:+44 (0) 208 1233 567

E-mail: info@taxireservations.com

Global Transfer Services are a well established overseas taxi company offering great value transfers from your airport destination abroad to your holiday resort, hotel, or any other final destination you wish to go to! Book online today and receive instant online confirmation of your booking for your peace of mind. You will be greeted when you land at the airport and will be taken in comfort and style to your journey's end.

  • Professional, Licensed Drivers
  • No Hidden Costs
  • 24 Hour Contact
  • Doorstep Drop Off
  • Instant Online Confirmation
  • Flight Monitoring

Train Travel Abroad

Travelling by rail is a great option in many countries and there are lots of different offers around for those looking to use the train to get to their final holiday destination or even to use instead of flying in the future.

Trains in Europe

Rail Europe

The main rail ticket operator for Europe is Rail Europe. They offer many options for travelling to, from and around various countries in Europe by train including Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

Travelling by train in Europe or when you get to your worldwide flight destination is a great way to get around especially if you are travelling to a destination which is a further trek from the airport. For short journeys or journeys to specific hotels and resorts you may find the international taxis and transfers above more helpful as you will be dropped direct to your door. However if you are just looking to get to a general area, then travelling in comfort on a train could be right up your street!

Rail Europe cover rail travel all over Europe and you can choose to book a number of different ticket types, including different classes for extra comfort and even rail passes which take you all over Europe, letting you stop at any destination you like within a certain time frame chosen by you!

Taxis around the World

There are various regulations and customs for taxis and transfers across the globe and it differs for each country.

In the UK you can book a taxi in advance or pick one off the street in a dedicated taxi rank area. The taxis should display a license and cannot refuse anyone a ride, regardless of how far they plan on travelling. As a passenger you can ask for estimated costs before getting in the car, but often they will inform you it is on the metre. As a passenger you are expected to pay in cash but some taxi drivers will stop at a cash point if you do not have cash. It is customary that you pay for your journey at the end of your journey and you do not have to leave a tip.

If you are travelling from Heathrow across the pond to the USA you will discover their taxi rules and customs are completely different to that in the UK. For example, Chicago airport taxi drivers expect you to leave an additional tip. On the East Coast of the USA, New York cabs operate various types of taxis but you can identify taxis to “flag down” as they are always yellow or green.

These are just some examples of taxi customs from around the World. Before you travel to any destination you should familiarise yourself with what is expected from you as a taxi passenger.

Holiday Tips

Most people's pre-travel checklist goes something like this - book your flight, sort out your travel insurance, get the best travel money deal and organise your transport to Heathrow airport. Something which is often forgotten or overlooked is your transport from airport to hotel, resort or final destination once you are abroad.

If you have booked a package holiday then it is likely that your tour operator has organised a holiday transfer abroad for you (although you should check this), but if you are travelling independently then this is something that you should ideally book before travelling. Not only will this potentially save you a lot of money, but it will also mean that your onward journey from the airport will be hassle free and uncomplicated.

If this is your first visit, or even if you have been to your holiday destination before, you will often find it hard to know exactly what the laws and best practices are in this unfamiliar territory. Many flights arrive late or very early and you can ensure that you guarantee yourself a place using your chosen transfer method by booking in advance. You can also save a lot of money by preventing yourself from paying an often inflated airport taxi/transfer rate when you land.

Depending on the country and holiday or business destination you are travelling to, there will be a multitude of transfer options available to you to allow you to continue your onward journey and reach your final destination safely, cheaply and in comfort. Most international destinations have forms of public and privately booked transportation methods such as trains, taxis, shuttle transfers, buses, trams international car rental and even helicopter transfers if you are feeling plush! It is worth looking into all the methods listed on this page to ensure you get the best one to suit you. You could even mix and match your transfers to get the best deal and see the most or best parts of your holiday destination.

International Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is one of the most important things to consider when planning a trip or holiday abroad. With many diffferent Travel Insurance providers all offering a range of policies it is sometimes hard to find the right options for you whilst comparing prices. Our Travel Insurance Guide compares over 1680 policies from 79 Travel Insurance providers, ensuring you the best deal when looking for Travel Insurance.